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our two hour discovery workshops

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Each workshop is designed to engage and challenge you on key aspects of the web application project. We take you and your key stakeholders through the four stages of launching a new web application. This covers business objectives, model assumptions, branding, content, functionality, security, scaleability and risk management.

At the conclusion of the workshops we deliver an executive report that outlines the main findings, recommendations and required project budget. All sessions are recorded and made available to you and your team. This can then be used to help you kick-start the project with the web developer of your choice.


iscovery workshops are the surest way to get your project off on the right footing. Our experience, amassed over twenty years, can help you avoid the pitfalls that we see many clients fall into. We provide impartial thinking, technical neutrality and bring new ideas to the table. The cost of our sessions is recovered many times over as you reduce risk and avoid costly iterations to your web application mid development.

Our two-hour discovery workshops
  1. Business objectives and marketing workshop
  2. Features & Functionality workshop
  3. Technical and security workshop
  4. Budgets, planning and risk mitigation workshop

I get a great deal of pleasure and job satisfaction working with start-ups and entrepreneurs who are building their ventures. The dynamics of these types of relationships mean that decisions are made quickly and there's a sense of being 'in it together'. Getting you started on the right track, with the right technical, creative and marketing solution is what I'm about.

"Getting you on track, with the right technical, creative and marketing solution is what I'm about."

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"discovery sessions are the best investment you can make"


Workshop 1: business objectives and marketing

Our first discovery call will focus on two important areas: first, we look at the underlying assumptions to how the business will return on its investment and share typical metrics to bring a health dose of reality to the project. We will discuss lean-thinking methodologies and explore how your ideas and assumptions can be tested and refined over time. Second, we define your marketing objectives, strategy and tactics to identify the right channels to market.

Workshop 2: Features and functionality

In workshop two we move to identifying the features and functions that your web application will need in order to acquire leads and convert and upsell customers. This interactive session will get you and your team assessing and voting on which features you really must have at launch. We will also share our knowledge about which features tend to add most value and those which tend to add most cost!

Workshop 3: technology and security

We start all discovery workshops with a technology neutral mindset. This is a major advantage of the discovery approach as we can explore the pros and cons of the technology choices open to you - some of which you may not already be aware of!

Workshop 4: budgets and planning

It's essential that you have a realistic budget before you embark on any complex web application project. Short-cutting this process and firing out briefs to web agencies or freelancers looking for prices will, in our experience, provide potentially misleading quotes and false expectations. When this happens, you could find yourself having to re-cost your project during development or at worse, changing technology approaches or web agency.

Executive report and recordings

The conclusion of the Discovery sessions is a report that brings together the learnings of the past four discovery sessions and provides options and recommendations, together with assessment of risks, benefits and indicative costs associated with each. All sessions are recorded and made available to you on a private Vimeo channel. Following a period of reflection, we can then take things to the next stage and work with you to implement the project or you can instruct another company - the way forward is entirely yours.
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