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My Memba CRM is a niche membership marketing platform that can be white-labelled and configured for the specific needs of NFP membership organisations.

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January 2022

The My Memba CRM is our own membership platform product, designed around the common needs of not-for-profit membership organisations.

I have worked with many membership orgs over the past 20 years, advising on a wide range of solutions for charities, education, community groups and trade associations.

The Memba CRM brings an 'out of the box' solution for these types of businesses. The platform can be white-labelled and branded and can be used as a stand-alone CRM or with a public-facing website. The core features of the CRM include subscription managements, an events module, campaign management, multi-level user groups, including organisation parent members access and individual members.

  • Events module
  • Online subscription
  • Member expiry controls
  • Dynamic reporting
  • Mailings and campaigns
  • White-labelled branding
  • Configuration of member preferences
  • Automated notifications
  • Payments integration with Stripe

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