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2020 Innovation
November 2022

It's a great pleasure to work with forward-thinking clients who are looking to do something new, push the boundaries and disrupt their markets.

As the name suggests, 2020 innovation, is such a client. With a bold vision to offer UK based accountants with a website and content Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

Sandlebridge was hired to produce 12 unique accountancy themes, built on the Webflow CMS platform, and provide a range of cutting-edge integrations to enable 2020 to offer its clients a complete digital marketing service for accountants. These fully managed websites all designed and filled with content specifically for accountants and their clients.

Each theme is bursting with modern design features and backed by a powerful CMS and web editor tools.

The project took around three months to deliver, and 2020 onboarded it's first client at their annual conference in late November.

Following the release we continue to support the team at 2020 to deal with any custom requests that their clients ask of them.

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