The No Code Revolution. Are you ready?

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December 18, 2021

ave you ever dreamed of starting the next Uber, AirBnB or Facebook? Until now, the idea of creating a sophisticated web application has been well beyond the reach of most businesses.

The No-Code revolution is gaining pace

From around 2005 until 2019 if you wanted to create a complex, custom website or web application, you would likely be faced with a choice of hiring a team of highly skilled and highly paid developers to bring your ideas to fruition online. This was the generation of 'coders' or 'programmers', who plied their dark art out of site and charged by the hour. And very handsomely too. Websites built in WordPress. Joomla or Drupal was the norm. Development took months, if not years, and the costs could escalate out of control.

Why you need to look beyond WordPress

The tools now exist to iterate ideas faster than ever, and without writing a single line of code. This is enormously liberating for clients as well as web designers like myself. The scope of what we can offer to our clients has increased exponentially thanks to the power of next generation web builder tools, like Squarespace and Webflow. Web designers and marketers like myself, who take the time to learn and leverage these tools will have an undoubted advantage when it comes to advising clients on the best technology choices.

It's time to cut the apron strings with WordPress and free yourself to a world of web development that until now was out of reach.

We need to speak

I'm very keen to discuss your ideas and to see what opportunities exist for partnering with you. Contact me.

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