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The Clinical Leaders of Thrombosis (CLOT) is a special interest group which unites multi-disciplinary healthcare professionals working in the field of Haemostasis and Thrombosis.CLOT supports its members to deliver a high quality of care to patients

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Clinical Leaders of Thrombosis
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Clinical Leaders of Thrombosis website

A website is required for medical professionals sharing a common interest to build and share knowledge in the area of thrombosis research, management and care.

The website is required to attract new healthcare professionals, to provide a learning and knowledge-sharing platform that can be the authoritative voice for the subject. It will include news, learning materials, event invitations, online quizzes and more.

I have been involved with CLOT for more than seven years, taking over a badly built and poorly functioning site and re-imagining the membership platform. Our role with the client is extensive, from design consultancy, through to online marketing, quiz design, hosting, support and training.

In 2010 our first generation website was built in Joomla 1.5, which in 2014 was upgraded to Joomla 3. In spring of 2020 we did a ground up redesign and build in Webflow. This involved a full-scale migration of content, members, document library, quizzes, newsletter archives and event information.

The end result combines a range of complementary technologies to delivery a slick and seamless membership website.

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Scope of services

Sandlebridge provided the client with a full range of services

  1. Website design
  2. Project consultancy
  3. Image creation and manipulation
  4. Website build
  5. CMS Content

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