Hiring a web designer in Macclesfield?

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Phil Holt
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May 14, 2021

eb designers need to do more than design your website. They must provide consultancy, give advice on marketing, train you in updating your website and be there for you whenever you need some support. When all these skills are brought together you can expect your website to work hard for you and be much more than a digital brochure.

Many clients find it hard to select the best web designer for their project. With this in mind, I have put together my list of the seven most important attributes a web designer should have.

1. How broad are their skills?

Being a qualified marketer with more than 20 years of solid advertising and marketing experience working for top agencies can make a huge difference when it comes to giving the right advice. It adds-value that can make the difference between a website that just looks nice and one that delivers results. When speaking to a potential web design supplier, ask them how their skills can make a difference to the botton-line. If they don't understand about conversion metrics, usability, customer-behaviour and techniques for improving your sites visibility on Google, move on.

2. Who else has trusted them with their website? 

I’ve worked on big brands, so I know what it takes to compete at the highest levels. I can bring this expertise to bear on your business, no matter the size. I have designed and managed campaigns for universities, high street retailers, top hotels and large charities. I would ask your prospective web partner a lot about the types of projects they have been involved in.

3. How reliable will they be? 

I am totally professional and reliable. My reputation is very important to me, which is why I put 110% into every project I work on. Freelance web designers often get a bad name for failing to look after clients properly, like when they get too busy, become ill or go on vacation. Your business can't wait for them to get 'back in the saddle', so ask how they will support you in situations like these.

4. Can they go beyond the basic?

I can design, build and deliver complex websites that are more bespoke than the norm. Many web designers offer simple solutions using WordPress templates. Whilst there is nothing wrong with WordPress you may need to install multiple plugins to add basic functionality to your website. This presents an ongoing maintenance overhead and security consideration for your business and it can come at a hidden cost. I build using a much more modern technical platform - Webflow - which means I can offer high levels of design and functional customisation as well as ease of use for clients. The best websites are much more than a glossy digital brochure, they help you manage your business behind the scenes. A good web consultant can draw on experience to guide you to the right technical solution.

5. Are they commercially minded?

As tempting as it may be to choose the lowest cost, savvy clients will want to work with a web designer that understands how to measure Return On Investment. As a business owner of more than twenty years I can help devise systems and reporting to show how much your website is contributing to your sales and/or raising awareness among your target customers. I understand that your website is an investment not a cost, which is why I prefer to work with clients that have the same investment mindset.

6 Have they got your back?

You will want reassurances and evidence that your web designer takes real care of their clients. I am always happy for any prospective client to speak to any of my existing clients. Being there when you need it most, whether that's a simple question or to make a quick update is really important.

7. Can they grow with you?

I have designed and delivered websites with budgets from £1k- £250k, so no worries when it comes to scaling. You might want to ask your prospective web designer what is the biggest project they have delivered and whether they can demonstrate taking a business from start up to multi-million pound sales. I can.

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